StaySafe 'StayClean'
Enhanced Cleanliness & Hygiene
Assessment & Certification
(Covid-19 Secure)

StaySafe StayClean

Cleanliness & Hygiene Program

The impact caused by this global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus is absolutely huge for the travel and hospitality sector.  But it is not catastrophic, we can and will come back strong from this pandemic.


We have developed a number of Infection Prevention & Control (COVID-19) Enhanced Cleanliness & Hygiene guidance notes, online self assessment tool and a certification program.


These are provided to enable our clients to demonstrate they are safe to welcome guests and ready for business! 


Preparing hospitality for the new normal!

StaySafe StayClean

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Self Evaluation

At StaySafe Hospitality we have always included Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) into our programs, as well as hygiene and cleanliness.  


However we have now developed a bespoke Enhanced Cleanliness & Hygiene online self assessment to enable businesses to benchmark internally against international best practice  specifically for the hospitality sector.  

The Self Assessment is the first step for businesses to demonstrate to potential clients and guests they are taking the safety of their guests seriously and they are taking the right measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

StaySafe StayClean Certification

(COVID-19 Secure)

The Enhanced Cleanliness & Hygiene Certification program is for those businesses who require third party independent verification following their self assessment.  This is becoming mandatory in many States and Countries.


This certification provides a high level of assurance that enhanced cleanliness and hygiene measures are in place and should satisfy many of the new international regulatory requirements. 


The certification program includes an in-depth review against our certification criteria by one of our independent professional auditors. Once verified the certificate is issued to enable the property to demonstrate their attainment of the highest standards. To maintain the Certification the property must complete the ongoing quarterly self assessments.

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